New way to sell mushrooms

 end product


Build a brand that allows our customer stand out on their segment, create a package that shows the product quality and help them to introduce their product into the market.

Marcela Mora with her son


We drove our customer through a corporate identity analysis, then we plan the design strategy to create the brand and package.

Through the identity prism methodology, we got the primary elements and we made the decision and created a descriptive graphic to help the product to get a faster recognition. We took everyday elements and integrating them in a composition to the new logo.

Our client wants to communicate the care and love that they have with their products, from the seed to the market, and from the market to the table.
We used this concept to develop the package experience, and also we needed to fulfil all the standards around food package a and wet products, the package was developed with smart close.


Gourmet del bosque receive the award for the entrepreneurship attitude in the business competition Yo Emprendedor 2014 in Costa Rica, this is the main competition of entrepreneurship in Costa Rica and Central America.

Today Gourmet de bosque is selling their product in one of the most recognised supermarkets chain in Costa Rica named Automercado and their sales are growing, before the design & development process there were selling their product only organic fairs around the capital.

By selling the product in the supermarket some of the most recognised executive chefs in Costa Rica have the opportunity to try it, now they are integrating the product as the ingredient in their restaurants.